Product Details

Endoscopic Guidewire REVOWAVE

Use applications

The Endoscopic guidewire which selects bile and pancreatic duct and then guides cannula and other medical devices in Endoscopic procedures such as ERCP (Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio Pancreatography).

Catalog number

Catalog Number Shaft Type Length Shaft Stiffness Hydrophilic Coating Length Shape of Tip
EWSA-3545I 0.035 450cm Standard 7cm Angle
EWSS-3545I 0.035 450cm Standard 7cm Straight
EWHA-3545I 0.035 450cm Hard 7cm Angle
EWHS-3545I 0.035 450cm Hard 7cm Straight
EWHA-2545I 0.025 450cm Hard 5cm Angle
EWHS-2545I 0.025 450cm Hard 5cm Straight


Product Information


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