Product Development

In the ever-changing medical industry, we are committed to developing devices
that can reduce the invasion of the patient's body as much as possible.

Business Domain

The main business domains are endovascular treatment area, which is a minimally invasive treatment area, digestive endoscopy areas, and extracerebral and orthopedic areas utilizing basic technologies.

Core Technology

We are developing new products full of originality by fusing various new technologies and core technologies based on the needs of doctors and inspiration.

Development Policy

Our mission is to contribute to medical advancement, and by developing and providing medical devices that can be treated beyond a certain level at any hospital, procedures are standardized and treatment results improved we think it will contribute to the improvement of.

Quality System

We centrally manage the reception, production, inspection, and delivery of parts at the factory, and aim to create a management system that can provide information on safety and correct usage.

Product Information

Vascular IVR

Digestive Endoscopy