Corporate Name Piolax Medical Devices, Inc.
Date of Establishment April 1st, 1999
Capital 490 million yen
Stockholder Piolax, Inc. (100%)
Business Contents Manufacturing of medical devices
Main Financing Banks MUFG Bank
Bank of Yokohama
Mizuho Bank
President Kazutaka Nanaumi
Managing Director Genichi Ishikawa
Director Ryuji Ushio
Director Masaaki Kaji
Corporate Auditor Yukio Nagamura
Number of Employees 209 (As of April 1st, 2018)


1995 October “PIOLAX, Inc.” established a Special Development Division
1995 October “PIOLAX, Inc.” established a Medical Appliance Division
1996 January Marketing approval for “Piolax Hydrophilic Guidewire” (angiographic guidewire)
1996 May Launching of OEM Marketing of “Piolax Hydrophilic Guidewire” (angiographic guidewire)
1996 September Production and OEM vending of guidewires used for cardiac therapy
1996 September Technical Center established at Kariba-cho, Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa
1997 May Obtained certifications for ISO9001, ISO13485
1997 November Hydrophilic Guidewire CE marked
1999 March Marketing approval for “Piolax W-Spiral Catheter”
1999 April Medical Appliance Division separated and “Piolax Medical Device” was established
2004 February Marketing approval for “C-stopper” (vascular occlusion coil)
2004 June Marketing approval for “Plate-T” (plate and screw system)
2004 September Marketing approval for “Metallic Stent” (biliary stent)
2004 October Marketing approval for “Piolax Hydrophilic Guidewire LZ” (non-vascular guidewire)
2005 March Marketing approval for angiographic micro-catheter
2006 June Marketing approval for “IV Catheter”
2009 April Obtained all of SOLUTION's stocks
2010 March “RevoWave”, a non-vascular guidewire CE marked
2010 April Absorption type merger of SOLUTION
2010 July Manufacture and sales approval for “Flexella-J” (esophageal stent)
2011 April “Optimizing of Catheter Raw Materials in Reducing Complications Resulting from Long-term Implantations” was selected as one of the “Year 2010 Solution-type Development of Medical Devices, Improvement of Hospitals, Inter-business Support Division”
2011 October “Development of Biodegradable Metallic Material for Bone Fixation Devices” was selected as one of the “Year 2011 Adaptable and Seamless Technology Transfer Program Through Target Driven R&D” (A-STEP)
2012 August Verification Project, “Productization of Indwelling Catheter Reducing Complications” was selected as one of the “Year 2012 Solution-type Development of Medical Devices”
2013 May Verification Project, “Productization of Indwelling Catheter Reducing Complications” was continued to be selected as one of the “Year 2013 Solution-type Development of Medical Devices”
2014 July In “2014 Promotion business for Medical engineering cooperation” Business approval for “The development and commercialization of papillotome endoscope treatment tool used with double guide wire for bile duct and pancreatic duct to solve the case of difficult biliary cannulation”
2014 December In “2014 subsidy for supporting growth and development field in Yokohama” Approval for “Development of catheter with selective injection function”
2015 May In “2014 subsidy for Regional Innovation KyoSo program” (Study for new business development feasibility)Approval for “Biodegradable esophageal stent”

Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart of Piolax Medical Devices, Inc.