Contributing to the Medical Field by Elastic Technology

The corporate name of PIOLAX incorporates
the meanings of “pioneer”, “elasticity” and “X (infinity)”.
The name reflects our stance of pursuing the possibilities of “elasticity”.

Elastic technology is applied to develop people-friendly medical devices.

To Be Widely Known

Piolax Medical Devices, Inc. has been innovating technology since it was established to aim for “Medically people-friendly”.
Designs of spring, synthetic resin as well as processing technology and hydrophilic surface treatment technology combined to produce and to distribute medical devices with “People-friendly elastic materials” to help in the expansion of the medical field.

Global Contribution

Our aim is to contribute to all patients as well as to all those related to the medical field around the globe.
We aim towards spreading our Piolax Medical Devices brand by showing our fine technology applied to our products through daily business activities.