Quality System

Our plant is certified according to ISO9001 and ISO13485 and we manage the importing of raw materials, producing, inspecting and the delivering of qualified products only.
We are aiming to secure the safeness of patients by issuing a comprehensible “Instructions For Use” that indicates correct directions for using the product.

Basis of Production

Our goal in production is to serve a high degree of safe and stable products, completely manage QMS and to deliver the best quality, cost, lead time and service.

Clean Room

In order to keep the quality of a product, the products are manufactured in a clean room where the workers strictly manage their health as well as to maintain a clean working environment.


As one of a member of the manufacturing department of medical devices, we always develop a product as if we are developing a product for our families or acquaintances to use.
First time trainees are educated by skillful trainers about each and every processes and important points in the production procedures.

Complaints and Defects = Our Fortune

At manufacturing sites, complaints from users and defects during tests are apprehended as leading into a higher level of quality.
Temporary feedbacks are given and there are exchanges of opinions made from every member in creating a countermeasure of defects, prevention of recurrence, re-examination of methods and preventative actions.

To Become a Professional

As one of the members of the production group, every one of us thinks how our medical devices are sent to the hospitals and how they are used.
Having responsibility and pride in manufacturing a medical device, we have confidence in passing it over to our sales members in which we think that this is an ideal job flow.